My Dammm Soap Box

I get a thrill by imposing my will on others.

Your mind is the only thing you truly have until you lose it

The world is a shitty place

Back to the wall

Rule one -All women are crazy

Rule two- see rule one

All men have the potential to be assholes

Most men have reached their full potential

Beer is good

Smoking is Bad

TV is the devil

Most kids are shitheads, until taught otherwise

Your children are a reflection of you

Individuals are smart, people are stupid

I hate people

I feel you are judged by your actions:

You do bad shit and it counts against you,

You do good shit and it counts for you.

At the end, the heavy side of the scale tells you how to dress for your trip

The internet has too much information

Shove too much of anything up a rats ass and the rat will die

Citizenship should be earned

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