American Born in Queens, New York, raised in Belize. My Father started out a Pro boxer (Ring Magazine late 40s) bar owner then businessman. My Mother was born Belize immigrated to the USA became a naturalized citizen then a nurse.

I graduated High School at Pompano Beach High in June 1982 by October was in the U.S. ARMY

Basic, AIT, Airborne then into Special Forces Qualification Course on to 5th Special Forces Group End of 1983 as a Light Weapons Sergeant (ODA592)

Beginning of 1984 1st Special Forces Group Light Weapons (ODA 146/145) schools attended were Advance Land Reconnaissance Course, Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC), Combat Divers Course

1988- 1991 Special Warfare Center(SWC) as a SOTIC Instructor, schools attended were Survival Escape Resistance and Evasion Course (SERE), SAFARTEC

1991-1992 SAFARTEC Instructor

1992-1996 Okinawa C Company, 1st Special Forces Group(ODA 132/135)schools attended were Jumpmaster, Dive Supervisor

1996-1999 96th Civil Affairs schools attended were Military Free Fall Course (HALO)

1999-2000 Okinawa C Company, 1st Special Forces Group(Sniper Troop) then till 2002 S2 NCO 1st Group

2002-2004, Crisis Action Center USASOC then SORSE till 2006

Retired Nov 1, 2006

Has two sons, one currently serving U.S. Army and one in college

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